January 15, 2023, 5pm (ET)
Yetzirah Reading - Online
with Rebecca Aronson and Rachel Hadas

February 3, 2023, 6pm (ET)
Philly Book Launch for Philly Poets
A Novel Idea Bookstore, Philadelphia, PA
with Taije Silverman

February 14, 2023, 7:30pm (ET)
Greenlight Bookstore, Brooklyn, NY
with Aracelis Girmay

February 16, 2023, 6pm (PT) / 9pm (ET)
Fresno State University - Online

February 22, 2023, 7pm (ET)
A Poetry Pedagogy for Teachers Book Talk & Workshop - Online
Rhode Island College
with Ruth Vinz

February 28, 2023, 4pm (PT) / 7pm (ET)
Dominican University of California - Online

March 3, 2023, 7pm (ET)
The Head and the Hand Bookstore, Philadelphia, PA
with Taije Silverman

March 10, 2023, 8:15pm (PT)
The College Inn Pub, Seattle, WA

March 16, 2023, 7pm (ET)
Brookline Booksmith, Brookline, MA
with Jennifer Franklin, Adrienne Marie Barrios & Deborah Leipziger

April 10, 2023, 7:30pm (ET)
KGB Bar, New York, NY
with Dani Brand

April 19, 2023, 6:30pm (CT)
The Chicago Poetry Center, Chicago, IL
with Julian Randall

April 22, 2023, 4pm (ET)
New Dominion Bookstore, Charlottesville, VA
with Annie Kim

April 26, 2023, 12:30pm (ET)
Pearlman Center, Hillel Drexel
with Harriet Levin Millan, Amy Small-McKinney & Leah Falk

April 26, 2023, 7pm (ET)
Fergie’s Pub, Philadelphia, PA
with Hila Ratzabi

April 30, 2023, 6:30pm (ET)
Bloom: The Reading Series at Hudson View Gardens, New York, NY
with Anne Lauinger & Jeffrey McDaniel

May 14, 2023, 4pm (ET)
Making Worlds Bookstore, Philadelphia, PA
with Leora Fridman & mónica gomery

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